What's In A Name Change ?

When we first started on our boutique adventure we were just looking to get started. We knew the name was important, but didn’t really comprehend the significance.

2 years later we have embarked on who we are, what’s important in our boutique ( YOU are first) and what we wanted people to feel and think when they think of us. We wanted to rebrand and find a name that suited us and what we believe, who we are and what we want to bring to our community.

With that said we are SUPER EXCITED to announce our new name and brand...

Amber Layne - Threads for your soul

 The name is part of who we are and what we want people to feel in our presence. Clothing is clothing, its a must (at least to stay out of jail 😂). What we want is for you to feel empowered, confident and beautiful in your own skin first! YOU are your own super power, own it, enjoy it and embrace it. We are here to supply you with the cover, but we want to reach your would first!

 Our new name encompasses our greatest joys and challenges, our two daughters, Amber and Delaynie.

We were so excited to le tthem know about our name change first!

In true form, since these two do not mince words or what they are thinking replied with - Amber "is that official" and Delaynie "why the hell is Amber first?"

These two signify a confidence that we only wish we had at 21. Their willingness to chase their dreams, follow through fearlessly, and demand excellence from those around them.

 They each are undeniably themselves, share a free spirit and give 0 shits about what others think. They are strong willed and motivated to succeed. They push us and limits and expect those around them to live up to their standards.