What Brought Us to Start Amber Layne?

For years Julie and I have been the perfect shopping partners, who doesn't love to shop with their best friend? We are fortunate to love the same style, which occasionally has made us look like we were back in middle school and called each other to make sure we matched, you know what I am talking about, you did it too! Today we text or call to make sure we are not wearing the same thing.

For years we knew we wanted to go into business together, our first thought was a wine bar (we love wine too), but with a wine bar came night hours...we both like to be in bed by 10, so that wasn't going to work. In the spring of 2017 we jumped into a MLM clothing company to get our feet wet and to see if it would work for us. What we found was we have a blast together, others found us entertaining, we enjoyed putting outfits together, we loved the excitement of getting new shipments and we still love clothes! We knew we could make a boutique work, we wanted to carry the pieces we loved, in colors we chose and to make our own business decisions.

Here we are today...

We have a passion for fashion (cheesy I know). We love fun, easy to wear styles that are comfortable, look great and can take you from day to night. Our goal is to bring cute, sporty, fun and some sexy styles to you in a super easy to shop format. You can shop from your jammies at home with a  glass of wine, or come and shop with us. We believe in keeping things simple and allowing the clothes to make you look fantastic! We know that when you feel good about yourself, you have greater confidence, smile more, and have a better outlook.

Our top priority is for you to be happy with every purchase and love you clothes as much as we do!