How to Dress to Love the Body You Are In

We all have them, those areas we wish we could change. Let's stop focusing on the negative and start focusing on how beautiful you really all. Let's make your clothes work for you much like we have makeup work for us, an illusion. Now I am not a go all in girl, I don't contour and highlight, I do the basics but I know the colors that make my eyes pop, lipstick that makes my teeth appear whiter and I know I look washed out without lip color. Did you know that your natural lip color fades as we age...


Back to what I promised...If I missed a problem area for you, let me know and I will give you answers.

No Waistso frustrating I know!!

Look for garments that define your waist (yes, the one you don't have), this helps to create an hour glass figure (va-va-voom).

Avoid boxy and shapeless garments (unless you can belt them).

Think tailored jackets, blazers and drawstring anorak jackets, they define the waist and when worn open they disect the mid-section into 3 slim sections.

Think wrap dresses that create a natural waist and skim the body. Shift dresses are straight and streamlined and will skim your midsection without hugging it. A-line dresses are nother great option as they fit a little snugger around your bust and then gradually flare out.

Wear long tops and tunics that end below the hip bone to elongate the torso. 

Favor low cut or open necklines that draw the eye up.

Tummyok first, let's give that tummy some love! For many, it helped you grow a small human! Think about that, you grew a living, breathing, being, that is no small feat. Stop hating on your tummy! 

High - waisted empire line style dresses that cinch under the bust are perfect for carving out a higher waist line and letting the fabric gently skin rather than cling. Wrap dresses are great too as they create a waist line naturally.

Look for v- neck dresses, tops and sweaters, the draw the eye up and away from your middle. Look for fabrics that skim, not cling.Leggings and skinny pants with long sweater or top are great and added bonus, super comfy!!

Find pants that fit right at your belly button. Too high and it forces your tummy below and too low you have muffin top.

Wear a darker top and a lighter colored jacket or cardigan. The darker top will recede making your yummy less noticeable.

Look for dresses or tops that are ruched, they make yout tummy look smaller.

Looked for curved hems vs straight. Curved hems don't cut you in the middle, they elongate your torso.

Patterns will distract the eye. Look for busy, dense, non repeating patterns in small to medium in size.

Draw the eye up with scarves, and jewelry.


Hips and Thighs: We all have them!

In order to make hips and thighs look slimmer try wearing dark colored wide and straight legged pants and jeans that skim the widest part of the leg.

Along those lines, flare and boot cut jeans will also elongate the leg.

Wear a belt to show off your waist and create an hourglass figure.

Wear heels to elongate your legs.

Vertical stripes or a sporty stripe down the outside of the leg also slims.

A-line, full and maxi skirts create a long legged illusion

Flowy fabrics are your friend.


Broad Shoulders:  lucky you :), I love strong shoulders on a woman!

Wrap, crossover and empire style dresses

Tops that define your waist and creatr an hourglass shape.

Peplum dresses and tops

V-neck, asymmetrical or scoop necklines which draws the eye down.

Wide legged pants help to create balance.

Full skirts also help to add balance and hide a fuller thigh

If you wear tanks, wear one with wide straps that break up the shoulders.

Find jackets and blazers that hit below the hip


Upper Arms: at some point I think we all feel this way

Layer sleeveless dresses and tops with a lightweight jackets and kimonos

Elbow length or 3/4 sleeves as well as wide sleeves cover well

Eyelet or netted sleeve will add interest and keep you cool.

Off the shoulder tops and cold shoulder tops are your friend